Derigo – Steps Towards Managed Development

Derigo, established in 2008, is a versatile expert in business and project management development. We provide our clients with user-friendly digital solutions for the seamless adoption of operational models and their implementation across all levels of the client’s organization.

Extensive Experience Across Multiple Industries

Derigo has extensive experience in describing, assessing, and redesigning business models across various industries. Through collaboration with our clients, we can quickly develop solutions to meet their specific needs.

Effective Information Management and Development

We help you manage and leverage your business information effectively. Together, we can develop processes for gathering, analyzing, and sharing information so that consistent data flows throughout your entire organization.

Flexible and Versatile Solutions

Our system’s API solutions are flexible and offer highly versatile integration options for various applications supporting business management and development.

A Finnish Family-owned Company

Derigo’s Guiding Principle Has Been to Create a Company that Collaborates With Customers to Develop Project Management.

Since Derigo’s early days, our goal has been to create a company that truly collaborates with customers to develop project management. Feedback from our customers indicates that we have succeeded in fulfilling this promise. When our experts and the customer’s experts work together to solve project management challenges, genuine development and appropriate systems are achieved. This is the goal we will continue to work towards with both existing and constantly new customers, both in Finland and abroad.

Jussi Rantala, COO/Partner

15+ Years of Experience


50 000+


10 000+



A Significant Part of Our Joint Work With Our Clients Is Still the Development of the Entire Project Management Processes and Practices

“In the past 15 years, there has been a lot of good and also challenges, but we have managed through them all and learned from them. With the lessons learned and a great team, we are well-positioned to continue our journey towards growth. As our operations have stabilized at a good level domestically, it’s time to focus even more on expanding beyond Finland’s borders and spreading the Pro3 message to other countries. The primary target for international operations is the Nordic countries and England, all of which we already have experience with through our current customers.”
Jukka Vornanen, CEO/Partner

We Are Your Partner in Developing Business Information.

Derigo is your knowledgeable partner in developing your company’s business information management and leveraging data effectively. Working together with us, you can enhance data collection, analysis, and dissemination to ensure consistent information flow throughout your entire organization. Accessing reliable data at the right time and from the right perspective enhances the predictability and profitability of your business.

Derigo and Pro3

We have successfully implemented numerous development projects for companies operating in various industries and of various sizes. Our expertise has been utilized by both industry leaders and growth-oriented SMEs. Our straightforward and efficient approach combines companies’ strategic objectives with their practical operations, resulting in tangible improvements that quickly enhance our clients’ business performance.

The company’s main product, the Pro3 system, provides users with an electronic workspace for project implementation, aimed at harmonizing the company’s practices, documents, and background systems into a functional whole.

Derigo has developed the Pro3 product family in collaboration with its customers to serve companies engaged in project activities. There are already thousands of Pro3 users both in Finland and in international projects around the world.

We Help to Standardize Operating Procedures.

Utilizing common practices and work methods within an organization isn’t easy, especially as the company’s structures and the surrounding world are constantly changing.

Derigo has extensive experience in describing, assessing, and redesigning the operating models of companies across various industries. Through collaboration with our clients, we can swiftly develop solutions to meet their specific needs and find the right solutions for them.

To ensure the successful implementation of development projects, Derigo has developed its own professional project management tools and processes. By working step by step, changes can be implemented more quickly, enabling more controlled growth and faster results.

Our Customers

Our customers operate in thousands of projects around the world, using our Pro3 project management system in highly challenging and dynamic project environments. With our project management tools, many organizations have successfully implemented common practices and processes, improving their quality, profitability, and business growth.

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