Modern Project Management Relies on Utilizing Dashboards.

When managing project business, it’s not possible to delve into every detail of each project. Instead, the project portfolio must be managed through key performance indicators.

Dashboards allow you to see real-time status for the entire project portfolio.

Easily See the Big Picture

Dashboards allow you to see real-time status for the entire project portfolio and intervene in so-called problem projects. It’s easy to drill down from the company-level dashboard to the area level and even to the individual project’s own dashboard.

Dashboards and reports help you see far into the future and react to changes in a timely manner.

React in Time

The basic idea of ​​utilizing dashboards is to present key figures or graphics that allow you to see into the future and deduce which projects need attention.

Dashboards also make it easy to report on information related to project quality, occupational safety, and costs. It’s essential that all key information is available in one view in an easily understandable format.

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Pro3 Product Family

Pro3 is a web-based system that provides an easy-to-use tool for controlled utilization of information gathered from various areas of business. The Pro3 system is a modular solution, allowing for system implementation with different configurations depending on customer needs.

Project Management

Project management is at the core of the system. A dedicated workspace is created for each project in accordance with the project type.

Management System

With the Pro3 management system, you can efficiently manage quality management and certifications related to your company.


Modern project management relies on utilizing dashboards, so dashboards are an essential part of Derigo’s Pro3 product family.

Mobile Applications

Efficient and user-friendly construction site management mobile applications are essential for successful project business.


In addition to the basic modules of Pro3, the system offers several extensions designed for project activities, which can be implemented according to the customer’s needs.