Delivery Material Collection

Pro3 Extension – Delivery Material Collection

In a typical situation towards the end of a construction project, there’s often a need to search for various documents for the turnover material. Sometimes, some documents haven’t even been started, while others are saved on employees’ hard drives or network drives. During the turnover phase, the project manager can easily spend an entire day just hunting for documents and finalizing them.

Derigo’s Pro3 alleviates this stress. When a project is set up, Pro3 automatically creates a folder structure and a list of turnover materials. This material can be linked to tracking, reminding throughout the project of the documents that need to be ready as the project nears completion and turnover. With a dashboard view, you can see at a glance the status of the material and who is responsible for creating the documents. When there are changes to the turnover materials, for example, a certificate requires a sustainability report as part of the turnover material, the administrator can easily update this requirement for new projects.

In the Pro3 system, the main administrator tools can be used to describe the folder structure of the turnover materials and add commonly used documents to the folders as needed. Within the project workspace, users can mark the documents or electronic forms they need into the correct folder when creating them, so that the turnover material can be automatically generated when the project ends. Pro3 automatically copies the latest versions of the material marked as turnover material into the folder structure of the turnover materials.

After the collection, the material can also be requested as a packaged ZIP file, the download link for which is easy to send, for example, to the customer. The turnover material ZIP package also includes an HTML-formatted table of contents to facilitate the use of the files.

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