Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms in Enhancing Project Operations

In the last couple of years, the processes of project operations have undergone rapid digitization. However, often this digitization remains at a basic level, and projects still rely heavily on traditional Word and Excel files, which are exchanged via email back and forth.

Operations can be significantly streamlined by replacing traditional forms with user-friendly Pro3 electronic forms, allowing the data on the form to be efficiently utilized, for example, in reporting.

By utilizing electronic forms, it’s possible to create multiple templates for various purposes, such as site diaries, concrete pouring records, various inspection checklists, or approval workflows.

The electronic form can include various fields as needed, which may include dropdown menus, etc. Electronic signatures are also possible. Additionally, metadata from the project card can be automatically imported into the forms, eliminating the need to input information multiple times.

Creating forms has been made so easy that customers can independently create electronic forms using the Pro3 administrator tool.

Forms can also be edited after saving, and it’s possible to create PDF files from them.

Electronic forms are scalable to different devices and are very easy and quick to use on mobile devices.

Electronic forms make it easy to store information at its source, and further processing is efficient through various reporting views.

Electronic forms are directly integrated into the Pro3 system, making it easy to track the status of electronic forms in the Pro3 project reporting view.

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