With Pro3 Extranet, Files Can Be Securely Shared Outside Your Organization.

Projects typically involve a lot of documentation that should be easily accessible to all project stakeholders. Documents are often sent back and forth via email daily, leading to the risk of them getting lost or not reaching clients on time.

With Pro3 Extranet, project documents can be published in the Extranet, for example, for the client, ensuring they always have the latest updated version readily available.

Secure and Easy Document Sharing

Pro3 Extranet is also a secure and easy way to publish documents directly from the project workspace to Extranet users. Documents are published to Extranet users with read-only access, and the document can be located at any stage of the project. Extranet can also replace the use of an external project bank if necessary.

Considering security, users never access the actual Pro3 system but log in to a separate Pro3 Extranet site, where they only see the documents shared with them.

The management of Extranet users is done in the Pro3 system. A Pro3 system user selects the Extranet users they want from the project stakeholders, to whom the read-only access to documents is granted. The Extranet user receives the read-only rights and can view the project documents targeted for them.

Adding Documents as an Extranet User

An Extranet user can also add new documents to the project or, for example, an updated version of a previously published document. The project manager will receive a notification of the new document, and upon approval, it will be moved to the selected folder as part of the project documentation.

The Extranet is very easy and quick to implement. Get in touch, and let’s plan together how your company could benefit from using Pro3 Extranet.

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