Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to implement the Pro3 system?

The duration of the implementation varies depending on the customer’s schedules, but generally, the process takes 2-3 months.

2. What type of pricing model does Pro3 use?

Pro3 pricing is based on a user-based monthly subscription fee. Additionally, the monthly price depends on the extent of the selected functionalities.

3. What is the need for the company's own resources in the implementation?

The implementation requires at least one designated main user to participate. Typically, there is also involvement from a person responsible for processes or quality to define the content of the system in the project.

4. Is it possible to integrate with other systems?

Implementation requires the participation of at least one designated main user. Typically, a person responsible for processes or quality is also involved in the project to define the system’s content.

5. Are there ready-made interfaces available?

In Pro3, an API interface has been implemented, which also allows data transfer to other systems, such as external reporting systems.

6. How are Pro3 extensions implemented?

In Pro3, there are several ready-made extensions that can be easily activated for the customer’s use without any additional actions required from the customer’s side.

7. What kind of end-user and administrator support is available?

Derigo provides dedicated contacts for administrators on a per-client basis. Generally, end-user inquiries are addressed by the administrator.

8. How is further development organized?

System development is guided through regular steering groups, where the current state and development needs of the system are discussed.

9. How often are there version updates for the system?

Version updates are made regularly on an annual basis, with the goal of further improving the system’s functionalities and efficiency.

10. Does the size or industry of the company matter?

The Pro3 system scales to companies of different sizes regardless of the industry.

11. Can external users be invited to the Pro3 system?

Yes, they can. External users can receive their own credentials, which allow them to read or edit the data they need.

12. Can there be different levels of user permissions in the system?

Yes, in Pro3, it’s possible to grant read, edit, or administrator permissions.

13. Who is Derigo's infrastructure provider?

Atea Oy serves as Derigo’s data center services provider, ensuring excellent performance, flexibility, and management of Pro3 in various usage environments.