Pro3 – the peak 
of project management

High quality user-friendly project management system.

Why Pro3?

The Pro3 project management system enhances project management and collaboration, improves productivity, and enables quick response to identified issues.

project productivity improves immediately

The streamlining of processes and time savings immediately increase project productivity, which shortens the system’s payback period.

tracking projects is easy

Dashboards allow you to see the status of an individual project as well as the entire project portfolio and to intervene in so-called problem projects as needed.

the information is up-to-date

A common workspace for project teams, clients, and business partners ensures that information is always up-to-date and accessible to everyone.

grows with the company

It is an excellent choice for a growth-oriented company’s business system because it adapts to the company’s needs and is flexible as the business grows..

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Pro3 Functionalities

Project Workspace

The system can easily implement workspaces for different types of projects. The project workspace is a place where matters related to the project are worked on among the various parties involved in the project.

Documents and Operating Instructions

The system can incorporate all of a company’s project documents and operating instructions, ensuring consistency of project information and uniform procedures.

Project Profiling

Project profiling enables the introduction of content specific to the project type into the project workspace. This allows for efficient monitoring and reporting of projects.

In addition to the Pro3 basic modules, the system has several extensions available.

Extensions are separately installable applets that operate either independently or as part of one or more Pro3 modules. We create extensions together with our clients, always as needed.



Derigo Oy’s Pro3 system is used in thousands of projects around the world, particularly in construction and building technology contracting, as well as in maritime industry projects.


“We can recommend the Pro3 system to companies whose intention is to standardize operating models, improve the manageability and productivity of both the company and its projects,” comment Hollo and Alppiranta.


“The cooperation with Derigo has worked wonderfully, and we have been able to implement the changes we wanted, and new orders have already been placed. For example, work safety reporting will be further developed in the future,” Development Manager Seppänen explain

Quattro Mikenti Group

“The Pro3 system is also used for managing information in new business acquisition processes and as a tool to integrate new companies into the Quattro Mikenti Group family. The transfer project went smoothly overall because it was carefully scheduled and phased,” Project Manager Pakkanen from GMG explains.


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