Management System

Now you can handle Quality Management and 
Certification-related matters efficiently.

The aim of the management system is to enhance the efficiency of the company and its personnel by adhering to the principle of continuous improvement.

Improve the Efficiency
of the Company and Its Personnel

The management system includes various tools for managing quality, processes, procedures, environment, as well as occupational health and safety matters.


Project statuses and basic information are summarized according to management needs in one place, where specific projects can be highlighted based on their status or key metrics. If necessary, financial key figures can also be included in management reporting.

The quality dashboard can display summary information about deviations and quality metrics. With the quality dashboard, one can quickly obtain situational information about open deviations and processing times, for example during audits, and analyze the root causes of deviations.

Operating Instructions

The operating instructions are directly documented in the system. From each phase of the project, you can easily access the corresponding operating instructions. If needed, the operating instructions can also be printed.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual section stores quality-related instructions and procedures that are not separately documented in operating instructions. Together, operating instructions and the Quality Manual form the written part of the quality management system.

Deviation Management

There is a dedicated, user-friendly module for recording and tracking deviations. In deviation management, the status and processing times of deviations, as well as agreed-upon actions, are monitored.


In the Pro3 management system, there are dedicated sections for managing internal and external audits as well as management reviews. Audits and reviews are documented in the system, and any associated deviations and observations can be browsed audit by audit. Observations are also automatically recorded in the deviation list to ensure a comprehensive view of the company’s operations.

Equipment Register

The Pro3 management system provides tools for tracking calibrations and scheduled maintenance and upkeep of equipment. Users can receive alerts via email well in advance of events such as recalibration needs or maintenance tasks, using the system’s registries.

The equipment registry can also be used, for example, to track vehicle inspections. By recording devices in the Pro3 management system’s registry, it ensures that calibrations or inspections do not expire unexpectedly. Summary reports on the entire inventory of the company’s equipment can be obtained from the registries.

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Pro3 Product Family

Pro3 is a web-based system that provides an easy-to-use tool for effectively utilizing information gathered from various areas of business. The Pro3 system is a modular solution, allowing for the implementation of different configurations based on the specific needs of the customer.

Project Management

Project management is at the core of the system. Each project is assigned its own workspace tailored to the project type.

Management system

Pro3 management system allows you to efficiently manage quality management and certification-related matters for your company.


Modern project management relies on the utilization of dashboards, making them an essential part of Derigo’s Pro3 product family.

Mobile Applications

The prerequisites for successful project business are efficient and user-friendly mobile applications for site management.


In addition to the basic modules of Pro3, the system offers several extensions designed for project management that can be implemented according to the needs of the customer.


In addition to the basic modules of Pro3, the system offers several extensions designed for project management that can b