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Pro3 Addon – Meeting Master

Planning and organization are crucial, especially for remote meetings. To ensure smooth meetings that yield desired outcomes, presentations, documents, tasks, and decisions need to be easily accessible. At Derigo, we’ve observed that even though companies have various tools to support remote meetings, at the very least, the latest documents often reside on ‘someone’s’ personal computer.

In collaboration with our clients, we have developed a service designed to support meetings. Pro3 Meeting Master is specifically designed to manage tasks and content for various executive committees and unit meetings.

Managing meetings often involves similar challenges:

The main functionalities of the Pro3 Meeting Master add-on are as follows:

With Pro3 Meeting Master, documents related to meetings and the decisions made in them are conveniently found in the same place, making information retrieval quick and easy. Additionally, sharing all the information among participants is effortless.

Decisions made during meetings can be turned into tasks, with responsible persons assigned to them. It’s easy to track the progress of these tasks in real-time, ensuring everyone stays informed about the status of each task.

Meeting Master can also include standardized form templates, such as agendas, memos, and minutes, making it easier to organize and document meetings efficiently.

For a Pro3 user, implementing Meeting Master is incredibly easy and fast. The features of the add-on are so user-friendly that smooth adoption can occur after just one remote meeting.

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