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Emails Easily Integrated into Project Documentation

Managing projects is a multifaceted task that requires simultaneous control of many different aspects. One challenge that adds to the everyday work and management of projects is the countless emails, some of which are very critical from the perspective of project management. This information should be available and easily accessible to the entire project team.

In practice, however, the situation is often such that important emails related to projects and their attachments remain known only to one person or confined to individual members’ own emails. This in turn leads to personal email accounts being filled with project-related files, making it laborious or often even impossible to search for information afterwards.

It is also important to note that emails and their attachments are the user’s personal information and property as long as they are on the user’s own computer.


The chaos described above can be effectively alleviated by implementing the Pro3 Outlook extension. During the installation, an extension is installed on the user’s computer, which allows emails and their attachments to be saved directly from the email into the Pro3 system’s project workspace. By doing so, it ensures that all project-related information is stored and found in the same place, and is accessible to all project members.

In the extension window, you can see your own followed projects and the process view defined for the project as a folder structure. Emails or attachments within them can be easily saved to the project by “dragging” the message to the correct stage of the project.

An email saved to the workspace will still remain in the user’s own Outlook, and information is added to indicate that the email has been saved to the Pro3 workspace.

Efficient management of emails leads to significant time savings as less time is required to search for emails. Additionally, direct business benefits are often achieved when, for example, order confirmations for additional work done via email are kept and efficiently integrated into the billing process.

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