Pro3 Is an Effective Tool for Managing and Monitoring Both Internal and External Projects.

Pro3® offers ready-made templates and tools for improving the productivity and quality of project deliveries, as well as a shared workspace for all project participants.

Benefits of Pro3 for You

Stay Up-to-Date

Thanks to the shared workspace and real-time data storage, project participants are always up-to-date with project events, allowing for quicker responses to potential issues.

Scale as Needed

Pro3® easily scales to businesses of different sizes and offers great opportunities for customer-specific tailored applications.

Anticipate Problems

With dashboards, you can see the current status of the entire project portfolio and intervene in so-called problem projects if necessary. You can easily drill down to the regional level to an individual project’s own dashboard.

Get Immediate Results

During implementation, we bring our experience in project management and administration. Throughout the phased rollout, we implement the most critical solutions for the business to ensure that the benefits of the software are realized as quickly as possible.

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Read More About the Pro3 Product Family

Pro3 is a web-based system that provides an easy-to-use tool for managed utilization of information gathered from various business areas. The Pro3 system is a modular solution that allows for system implementation with different configurations depending on customer needs.

Project Management

Project management is at the core of the system. A dedicated workspace is created for each project in the system according to the project type.

Management System

With the Pro3 management system, you can efficiently manage quality management and certification-related matters for your company.


Modern project management relies on the utilization of dashboards, making them an essential part of the Derigo Pro3 product family.

Mobile Applications

Efficient and user-friendly mobile applications for site management are essential for successful project business.


In addition to the basic modules of Pro3, the system offers several extensions designed for project activities, which can be implemented according to the customer’s needs.