Project Management

Project Management Is at the Core of the System. A Dedicated Workspace is Created for Each Project According to the Project Type.

In the project workspace, project stages are clearly presented as process steps, with associated document templates, electronic forms, tasks, and instructions attached to each process step.

Managing Processes and Documents Is Easy

As the project progresses, all project-related documentation is brought into the project workspace. With the project management module, you can manage both customer projects and internal development projects.

Process Management

In process management, the structure and content of different processes are defined. The system can implement projects according to several different processes. Main users of the system can modify existing processes themselves or create entirely new processes if necessary. Changes made to processes are automatically updated in existing projects where the process is in use.

Document Templates

Document templates and models are stored in a single library, from which they are copied to the project according to the process and profiling specifications. When document templates are updated, new versions are automatically transferred to existing projects, ensuring that already-used documents remain unchanged.


When a project is established, a project card is created, based on which the system generates a standardized workspace for the project, including its contents.

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Pro3 Product Family

Pro3 is a web-based system that provides an easy-to-use tool for managed utilization of information gathered from various business areas. The Pro3 system is a modular solution that allows for system implementation with different configurations depending on customer needs.

Project Mangement

Project management is at the core of the system. A dedicated workspace is created for each project according to the project type.

Management System

With the Pro3 management system, you can efficiently manage matters related to your company’s quality management and certifications.


Modern project management relies on the utilization of dashboards, making them an essential part of the Derigo Pro3 product family.

Mobile Applications

Efficient and user-friendly mobile applications for site management are essential for successful project business.


In addition to the basic modules of Pro3, the system offers several extensions designed for project activities, which can be implemented according to the customer’s needs.