Customer Data Management

Pro3 Extension – Customer Data Management

The Pro3 Customer Data Management extension has been specifically developed to meet the needs of construction companies. Typically, the sale of apartments occurs in a separate system that serves as the consumer customer system. This extension allows for the management of customers related to the building and other partners. These include, for example, investors, authorities, and even real estate development consultants. Typically, the duration of projects is long in calendar time, several years. Therefore, it is important that all information is collected in one place, from where it is easy to find and utilize.

Pro3 Customer Data Management extension’s main functionalities are as follows:

• Sales status view
• Customer-specific sales activities
• Customer basic information – contacts, sales and contract materials
• Calendar view
• Versatile reporting features

Asiakastietojen löytäminen ja niiden hallinta on usein haasteellista johtuen siitä, että asiakaskohtaiset tiedot, dokumentit ja aktiviteetit ovat eri tietovarastoissa, tiedostoissa ja henkilökohtaisissa tietolähteissä kuten sähköpostissa tai omissa tiedostoissa.

The reliability of sales forecasts can often be questionable when there is no clear sales process either agreed upon together or available to all. With Derigon’s Pro3 customer data management add-on, a mutually agreed sales process is described in the system and projects are recorded in a uniform manner. This improves the quality of sales forecasts and provides the best view of upcoming deals.

Getting an up-to-date and reliable picture of sales status can also be slow and laborious. With Pro3’s reporting views, views into customer data can be created from different perspectives, e.g., customer, region, business, or salesperson.

By utilizing customer data management, all sales activities are effortlessly recorded in the system. With better monitoring, sales management can prioritize and direct activities, and focus on managing projects.

With the add-on, you can comprehensively view customer information, such as contacts, sales, and contract materials. Additionally, you can see customer-specific sales activities, such as calls, meetings, and memos. The calendar view also allows you to see upcoming meetings.

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