In Addition to the Basic Modules of Pro3, There are Several Extensions Available for the System.

The extensions are separately installable mini-applications that can function either independently or as part of one or more Pro3 modules. We develop extensions together with our customers, always according to their needs.


Below you’ll find all the extensions available for the Pro3 system.

Customer Data Management

Asiakastietojen hallinta on kokonaisuus toimintoja, joilla hallitaan asiakkaaseen liittyviä tietoja, henkilöitä sekä asiakasyhteydenpitoa.

Meeting Workspaces

Meeting workspace, which manages meeting-specific information, documents, and tasks.

Training register

The training register can store, for example, staff training and certificates. Alerts are generated for expiring training, and summaries of staff training and certificates can be generated.

Collection of Handover Material

For handover material, there is a dedicated section within the project, and the material can be collected automatically from the project documentation.

Outlook Extension

In the user-installed extension, emails and their attachments can be saved directly from Outlook to the project workspace in the desired process stage.

Risk Management

Project site is expanded with risk management, listing the project’s risks, their severity, impact, and likelihood. Reports and statistics on risks can be obtained for the project and business-specific purposes. Ready-made profiled risk form templates can also be created for the project template.

Electronic Forms

Replacing Word, Excel, etc. forms with electronic forms.

Supplier Information Management

Supplier information management encompasses a set of functions for managing vendor-related information as well as associated events and audits.

Time Tracking

Recording of working hours for projects in daily or weekly view. Entries can also be commented on a daily or weekly basis. Includes hour reports exportable to Excel format at user or project level.

Workplace Safety Measurement

The TR measurement template designed for project workplace safety assessment is a web-based mobile form where observations from safety rounds are recorded. Reports specific to the project are generated from these observations, reflecting the development of workplace safety. Entries into the system can also be made using mobile devices.

General Workspaces

General workspaces allow documents to be stored in a hierarchical tree structure. Clients can create new general workspaces with their own structures.

Reporting Database

SQL database where data from Pro3 and its extensions such as risk management, electronic forms, TR measurement, or time tracking can be collected.


Intranet is a set of functions that is an excellent way to streamline daily work. Intranet enables centralized storage of information needed by staff, facilitates communication, and collaboration within the company.


Extranet allows secure sharing of files with individuals outside your organization. Additionally, if needed, Extranet can replace the use of an external project bank.

Equipment Registry

The easy management and tracking of various types of equipment and tools in one place is essential. Additionally, there’s the option to store information about maintenance costs and set reminders for upcoming maintenance, inspections, and checks.

Procurement Package Management

With Procurement Package Management, project-specific procurement packages can be easily maintained, and standardized requests for quotations, requests for proposals, additional letters, or orders can be sent to suppliers.